320-Degree air exhaust

Most air cleaners return filtered air into the room through a small, noisy outlet that generates annoying drafts. The IQAir GC MultiGas features IQAir’s unique EvenFlow™ Diffuser with 320-degree air delivery. Filtered air is quietly and evenly distributed in all directions. The wide dispersion pattern allows the GC MultiGas to produce an astounding air delivery rate with very little noise.

The purest air possible

The IQAir GC MultiGas air purifier is designed to clean the full spectrum of airborne pollutants with the very best filtration technology available at each of four stages. Air is drawn into the GC MultiGas through the bottom of the system by a powerful IQAir fan, then sequentially cleaned in a step-by-step process that delivers the purest air possible. In addition, IQAir's unique no-leakage design prevents air from escaping back into the room without being drawn through the GC MultiGas filters. The four filtration stages include:

HyperHEPA particle filtration: The first stage of filtration features a powerful HyperHEPA® pre-filter that removes particles of all sizes, including ultrafine particles.

Cartridge-based activated carbon adsorption: Highest-grade activated carbon is used to filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are responsible for odors.

Cartridge-based chemisorption: This stage destroys harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, by an oxidation process inside a chemically active alumina pellet.

Post-filter sleeve: A post-filter sleeve wraps each gas cartridge to prevent media dust from being released.

100% Healthy technology

Many air purifiers use technology that produces potentially harmful byproducts, such as ozone, ions, chemicals and ultrafine particles. IQAir uses only the safest, healthiest and most effective technology to clean the air. Why risk your health on less effective methods when IQAir offers proven protection without harmful byproducts?

The quietest high performance air purifiers ever

The New Edition has an average of 32% less sound across all fan speeds, without sacrificing filter life or system efficiency. You can now have clean, healthy air without disrupting your environment with noise. Our "fan-in-center" design places the fan motor between sound-attenuating filters. The double-walled housing effectively reduces sound transmission. Rubber suspension pads systematically isolate motor vibration from the air cleaner housing. The EvenFlow Diffuser deflects sounds back into the system while returning low turbulence and low velocity air to your room. The result is an air purifier quiet enough for your bedroom.

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability. In an industry where most air cleaners don't meet manufacturers' claims, we test and certify each and every IQAir air purification system.  We manufacture our air purifiers at our state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of Lake Constance. By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of highly skilled and extensively trained specialists, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes refined for more than 50 years, IQAir is able to build the finest air purifiers in the world. That’s how serious we are about quality.

Energy efficient

Even though the IQAir New Edition is very powerful, it still requires no more power than a conventional light bulb. At the very heart of this air purifier is the ultra-efficient centrifugal, high performance New Edition fan and its maintenance-free motor. This amazing powerhouse delivers up to 780 cubic feet of air per minute while requiring as little as 27 watts of power at the lowest speed and up to a maximum of 215 watts at the highest speed. As a result, it costs only pennies per day to run the most advanced and effective air purifier in the world.

All plastics are not created equal

IQAir understands that for many people, including those with multiple chemical sensitivities, any odors or chemicals in the air can be a problem. So while the GC MultiGas is unequaled in removing impurities from the air you breathe, it also goes the extra distance to avoid putting anything bad into the air as part of the air purification process. That's why GC MultiGas components include only the highest quality, non-off-gassing ABS plastics. You can count on years of reliability and sturdiness, without odors and gases being emitted by the system itself.

Power requirements: 100-120 V, 50/60 Hz
Energy consumption, 6 fan speeds*: 27, 53, 92, 121, 154, 215 Watt; Standby: <1 Watt
Dimensions: H 28" x W 15" x D 16" (H 71 x W 38 x D 41 cm)
Weight, system incl. filters: 44 lbs. (20 kg)
Air delivery, incl. filters, 6 fan speeds*: 40, 75, 130, 170, 200, 300 cfm (70, 130, 220, 290, 340, 510 m³/h)
Sound pressure/power level, 6 fan speeds**: LP 25, 36, 44, 50, 54, 59 dB(A); LW 35, 46, 54, 60, 64, 69 dB(A)
Fan motor: centrifugal, backward curved, with thermal protector, non-stop use approved
Air intake: dual arches at base of system
Control panel: 4-key touch-pad with 16 character 2-line LCD display
Air outlet: 320° EvenFlow diffuser
Housing material: non-offgasing, impact-resistant, UV-stabilized ABS
Color of main housing / locking arms: light gray / blue
Operating temperature / humidity: 41° to 104° F (5° to 40°C) / 5% to 95% non-condensing
Electrical safety certification: CSA rated for continuous operation under applicable UL and CSA standards, BSMI
Total system efficiency (certified): ≥ 99% for particles ≥ 0.3 microns (individually tested), ≥ 95% at ≥ 0.003 microns
Air delivery (certified): yes (individually tested with all filters fitted)
Leak tested: yes
Pre-filter: GC™ HyperHEPA® Pre-Filter H11 (S) Purpose: control of coarse, fine & ultra-fine dust particles; protection of subsequent filters Media: non-woven glass microfiber HyperHEPA® filter, non-offgasing separators Efficiency: ≥ 99% at ≥ 0.3 microns (EN 1822 Hype
Gas & odor filter: GC™ MultiGas Cartridges Purpose: control of a wide range or specific chemical substances and odors Media: 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) granular activated carbon & impregnated alumina (AC/4 + IA/4) Average filter life: approx. 2 ½ years (based on average daily usage o
Post-filter: GC™ Post-Filter Sleeve Set Purpose: control of fine & ultra-fine particulate matter Media type: electrostatically charged fiber Surface area: 5.4 sq.ft. (0.5 m²)*** Average filter life: approx. 2 ½ years (based on average daily usage of 10h on speed 3)***
Display languages: 4 user-selectable languages: English, French, German, Spanish
Intelligent filter life monitor: yes (monitors actual usage of each individual filter), 3 filter life status LEDs
Advanced timer: yes (allows programming of operating hours and weekdays)
Advanced fan speed selection: yes (allows programming of different fan speeds for 2 different time periods)
Supplied accessories: remote control (incl. battery), power cord with plug, deluxe casters, certificate of performance
Optional accessories: FlexVac™ & VM FlexVac™ mobile & wall-mounted source capture kits, InFlow™ & OutFlow™ positive/negative pressure duct kits, PF40™ coarse dust pre-filter, VMF wall-mount bracket.
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