Boneco Foundation and growth:
The company now known as BONECO healthy air started as a family-owned company in Widnau, Switzerland in 1956 under the name PLASTON. In that year, Hans Frei and Roland Frei worked through a challenging situation to found a company for processing high-quality plastics. Back then the company was run out of the garage of our own house and with energetic support from the whole family. Today, BONECO healthy air is the world's leading provider of all mobile air treatment appliances and the only one of its kind where skill and expertise in all systems is concerned. BONECO AG was founded in April 2015 and is part of the PLASTON Group.

Boneco Fan
The fan evenly distributes the air in your room and creates a cool, pleasant breeze. When the unit is placed in the desired position, it works in combination with your AC unit or through an open window to circulate the fresh air. The fan is especially helpful to move the air over multiple floors or rooms with high ceilings. With the help of the fan, you and your family will be able feel natural refreshing air throughout the hot summer season.