Boneco Foundation and growth:
The company now known as BONECO healthy air started as a family-owned company in Widnau, Switzerland in 1956 under the name PLASTON. In that year, Hans Frei and Roland Frei worked through a challenging situation to found a company for processing high-quality plastics. Back then the company was run out of the garage of our own house and with energetic support from the whole family. Today, BONECO healthy air is the world's leading provider of all mobile air treatment appliances and the only one of its kind where skill and expertise in all systems is concerned. BONECO AG was founded in April 2015 and is part of the PLASTON Group.

Boneco Air Purifiers
Air purifiers are designed to remove pollutants from indoor air. The types of indoor air pollutants that can be reduced or controlled by portable air purifiers fall into three major classes; particulate, gaseous and biological.

Over the past several years there is ever increasing scientific evidence that indoor air can become far more polluted than outdoor air—with concentrations from 2 to 5 times to as much as 100 times those found outdoors. Given that most people spend close to 90% of their time indoors, this means that the health risks posed by polluted indoor air may be significantly greater than those of outdoor air pollution. Learn how air purifiers work and why you should use portable room air purifiers in your home.