Steam Humidifier S450
Hand-warm and bacteria-free steam: a healthy indoor environment for the whole family

Product details
Digital display and controller for relative humidity
Suitable for rooms up to 860 sq ft / 60 m2
High output with intelligent operation modes
Programmable hygrostat
Independent of water quality and hardness
Hand-warm steam (child-friendly)
Auto-Mist Technology (AUTO MODE) and ECON-MODE automatically choose the optimal output level
Decalcification mode for easy cleaning
Removable water tank with handle
Maintenance reminders for cleaning and water refill
On- / Off-Timer
Automatic display dimmer for night-use
Fragrance container for use with essential oils
No filters or additives required
High-quality components with long service life

Product description
An ideal device for families with children and everyone who wants to create a healthy indoor environment. Thanks to the hand-warm steam output, this Steam Humidifier is considered child-friendly. Heating the water eliminates bacteria and the minerals are retained in the unit. This guarantees a healthy humidification, regardless of the quality and mineral content of the water. Intelligent features, like Auto-Mist Technology (AUTO MODE) and ECON-MODE, ensure an ecological operation. Moreover, the integrated hygrostat automatically regulates the output to ensure the desired relative humidity. Switch-on and switch-off times can be selected by the On- / Off-Timer. The practical Anti-Mineral-Pad binds the lime and the decalcification mode automatically cleans the device.

System description Steam Humidifier
The Steam Humidifier system heats water to the boiling point and the generated steam humidifies the indoor air. Steam Humidifiers have a very high performance. This is the most hygienic kind of air humidification, because boiling the water guarantees a bacteria- and mineral-free humidification, regardless of the quality and mineral content of the water. Furthermore, energy is set free by the warm steam which slightly increases the room temperature, resulting in a more comfortable environment. Healthy humidification of the indoor air is guaranteed – anytime, anywhere.

Mains voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 160 - 480 W
Humidity output: 3.5 gallons / 24 hrs
For rooms up to: 860 sq ft / 60 m2
Water capacity: 7.0 Liter
Dimensions (LxWxH): 14 x 9.5 x 13.2 inches
Weight (empty): 10 lbs (4.5 kg)
Operation noise level: < 35 dB (A)
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